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In our work as Consulting Engineers we engage with a variety of people – from clients to architects to contractors. What has typically been our experience is the basis of our understanding is often not the basis for the very people that we are trying to communicate with. Our drawings, designs and specifications are hugely complex to us – and yet these need to be implemented with precision on site. We at Aspire wanted to formulate a way that could reduce the disparity and open the lines of communication. Hence – TALKS WITH ASPIRE was Borne. The aim of this platform is to lessen the gap between users of the drawing board and those who use shutterboard. This will be done hrough a series of monthly talks, social media platforms and texts where we aim to communicate to Contractors – large and small- the basics of structural design. We will touch on introductions to various materials including concrete, timber and steel. We will discuss new age materials and will discuss contract process and methods. A full list of topics is noted below.



Aspire Talks Topics:


  1. Types of structural materials and their applications (Timber, Steel, Concrete)

  2. Good Concrete practices (Mixing, handling, placing, curing)

  3. Steel warehouses (a crash course on design, construction and truss types)

  4. Communication and Contracts in construction

  5. Project Feature: The Signature development

  6. A guide to Brickwork and Boundary Wall construction

  7. Reinforcement made fun (Spacing, bar types, organisation, placing, checking)

  8. Dolomites and Raft foundations

  9. Tendering for Dummies (What all contractors should include when submitting a tender)

  10. Civil Engineering basics ( bulk Earthworks and service installations)

  11. Failures in Construction through the years

  12. Project planning, Management and Gantt charts for contractors



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